When it comes to baking our biscuits our philosophy is to make it not the cheapest or the quickest way but the right way. 

Made by skilled bakers, we take the time to select the best ingredients for our different biscuits.  We don’t use any chemicals or preservatives in our biscuits; they are as they should be wholesome and flavorful. 

Product range – 

Butter Biscuits – Clearly our best sellers, if you love the traditional goodness of a sweet butter biscuit then these will tick all the boxes for you.

Madua Biscuits (Ragi) – Made with local Kumaoni Ragi Aata, these are loved by all. If you want to try out something healthy and wholesome then these are a must try. 

Jeera Biscuits – These biscuits are like a feather in our cap. Ideally to be enjoyed when sitting down with your hot cup of masala chai or coffee, these crisp salty biscuits will melt in your mouth.

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Oats and Raisins Cookies– These super soft and chewy cookies are thick and loaded with Oats and Raisins. Your whole family will love these classic cookies. Packed with oats and raisins grown ups and kids will agree they taste great and are also very healthy. 

Choco Chip Cookie -  A chunky dark cookie filled with choco chip, this famous cookie is a treat no matter what age or occasion. Enjoy with a glass of cold milk or dunk it in fresh cream.

Chocolate Walnut Cookie – Amazing cookies loaded with chocolate and locally sourced organic walnut. A cookie you are sure to crave.

Aata Biscuits – These aata biscuits are light and crisp. They taste great with tea or coffee.

Ginger Cookies – Our ginger cookies have just the right blend of spices and a wonderful buttery texture to satisfy your taste buds. These traditional molasses (gur) cookies deliver a seriously spicy kick of ginger.

Try out these delicious delectables during your stay at our Nainital hotels and enjoy our range of buscuits which are the must-try things in Nainital on your trip to Nainital.